LV San Francisco Bay Area Club

  1. I was looking around the Clubhouse forum and noticed...we should have LV clubs for the different cities around the country/world, right? :yes:
    Soo...all you LV lovers in the San Francisco Bay Area, the door's open, come on in and say hello!!! :heart: I'd love to meet you all...
  2. Well, I am in, at least for the next few months!
  3. hiya jane. where you off to?
  4. There's a good chance we'll be moving back to my native land: Seattle! Probably in August some time.

    We just can't afford to buy a house here, is the main thing.
  5. aww i understand. the bay area is wayy expensive. but it's by far the nicest place :smile:
    which LV do you shop at?
  6. I shop at Union Square... I browse at other places but I mainly buy there. Though I just found out this morning that my SA left!!! :sad: So now I get to go back in and be treated like a nobody again. wah!
  7. i am actually gonna stop by tonight since i'll be in the area :smile:
  8. I just went in and bought a pomme koala wallet :love: !!

    I was told that Tim went to work for his family, but anyway, I worked with another really nice friendly SA named Helena. Another manager! She is the accessories manager.
  9. Hmm maybe I'll ask for her this evening when I drop in...can I tell her Jane sent me :biggrin:

    Congrats on the Pomme Koala, it is a lovely wallet!!! I may buy a wallet too but have no idea what to get...
  10. It's hard to decide but I keep ending up with koala wallets... They have everything there right now, lots and lots of ivory epi stuff.

    They also have a few croc wallets, which are amazing, and also like $3000, oh well....
  11. Yay..I'm In :yes:
  12. yay! welcome KL0859. which area are you from and which LV is your fave?
  13. Some one started a Toronto club and the thread wuz closed. The clubhouse is for bag styles only.
  14. ah i didn't know that :shrugs::shame:
  15. Can I please join the club? I've lived in the Los Angeles area for the past 10 years, but I'm from the Bay Area (Sunnyvale) and went to SJSU. I miss SF!!! Everytime I go back home to visit family & friends, I also have to visit SF - I love Union Square! And I love Valley Faire mall as well!!!

    My dream place would be to live in SF!