LV San Fran Re-Opening - Question

  1. I am thinking of going down to SF for the LV grand re-opening. I know some of you PFers got some special invite for an event at the store. Do I need that invite? Or is the re-opening for anyone to attend? Thanks for any info!
  2. I think you do, the invite says, 'please present invitation for entry' and the did call to confirm rsvp.
  3. The opening day on the 10th is invite only, there will be a list at the door and if you're not on it you won't get it. But the store opens to the public on saturday the 11th
  4. anything special on opening day?

    i'm contemplating about whether I should go or not.
  5. I wish they had invited me :sad: They probably picked the invitees randomly.
  6. Thanks for the responses! I didn't get an invite, so I won't be going. :sad: Maybe this weekend instead.
  7. Jenny, they said they were premiering some new car-shaped charm on the invite. I don't have the invite on hand right now, so I can't be sure.
  8. tink, you're going right? be sure to have something yummy in my name!
  9. I just found out from a friend that some celebrities will be attending the cocktail party. My friend was ecstatic about that; I was excited to hear they were offering valet parking. Whoo hoo!
  10. I am going to try and go during the day....I got an invite to the cocktail party, but it is my son's first hockey game (of the season) :crybaby:

    But private shopping still sounds pretty good...I just wish it wasn't so close to our trip!
  11. Limited cable car charm ;)
  12. Thanks Lulu and twinkle!!
  13. Gah so jealous of all you who get to go! :crybaby:
  14. yah, it's invite only...and you have to present the invitation for entry...they'll be premiering the limited edition Cable Car Charm just like twink said...and you're right Michelle! my SA said that they were inviting celebs!
  15. i've hear pharrel, TI, and Glenda Bailey from Harpers Bazaar may be attending