LV San Diego

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just wondering...which boutique has the best service, staff and stock:

    LV Fashion Valley or LV Horton Plaza?

    Feel free to name your fave SA's or anything else. I'm torn because I live closer to Horton but Fashion seems to be more popular.

    P.S. I would have done a search before starting this thread but the function is disabled, so apologies if it's already in existence!
  2. I prefer Fashion Valley because it's closer and I believe they do get more stock in, but my main SA is at Horton (she transferred stores). Horton sometimes does better with getting more limited pieces in because it's *not* as popular and it's harder to get to. My CB Pochette came from there when it came out and I remember seeing the Miroir Pochettes in the case before I ever saw them at FV. Come to think of it, I never saw any Miroir items displayed at FV.
    As for recommendations of SAs, PM me, I don't want to talk about anyone here. :p
  3. Hi!

    I just wanted to share my experience as an LV newbie. I went to both LVs - FV twice and HP once while researching which bag I wanted to buy for my first LV.

    Both times at FV I had very pleasant experiences (with different SAs). My experience at HP was awful. Between the SA's "If I must" attitude, the other SAs trailing me as though I was going to shoplift, and watching them roll their eyes and make mean comments about some young men who came in briefly, I was so put off that I left and went to FV to buy my first LV (a Damier Speedy 25). Granted, it was just one experience, but I've heard from other tPFers that the SAs at HP are nasty.

    The name of my SA at FV was Tanya and she was extremely professional and knowledgable and I felt very comfortable with her.

  4. ^^^Thank you!
  5. There is a scare amount of SA's in Fashion Valley... every time I go in there are like 2 or 3 SA's... They seemed nice.. Kinda not really... I tried wait listing for the mirror cosmetic bag and at first the SA was nice but as soon as I said I didn't want to put my CC down for it the fangs came out haha

    When I went to hortons.. it was just small and there were 2 or 3 SA's also but the girl that helped me seem to have no idea what was going on? She seemed frightened... But there was no one in there which was nice.. I'd prefer the hortons actually... if I had to deal with one of the stores in SD
  6. I like Fashion Valleys a lot better than Hortons. In my experience, the SAs there have been friendly and kind, the ones I've come across at least.
  7. I like both stores. The SAs at Horton seem more relaxed because they don't have 10 customers streaming in and out every 5 minutes and I get more personal service. Though DH and I bought more at FV store (and they have shoes!).