LV Saleya MM or Raspail MM or DE NF GM

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  1. I just can't decide and need your help. What do you love about these bags? And which would you choose for an everyday bag? Or a Totally MM?
  2. All the bags you mentioned are very pretty but I find them uncomfortable. Have you been able to try these on or anything similar? The saleya mm and raspail have rolled handles, which some don't find a big deal, but I never liked how they felt on my shoulder. I used to have the locket horizontal (which had rolled handles) and could never carry a lot in it because it really hurt when I had too many items in it. It just became a bag that was just too big for what it was. I feel that way with the saleya and raspail, but maybe someone else feels differently? Ironically, I am using a Longchamp le pliage right now and while I like it, I hate that it has rolled handles.

    As for the neverfull gm, it is lightweight but again, if you carry too much, the straps dig into your shoulder. I think it is ok as long as don't overload the bag or if you aren't carrying too many heavy items in it like books or a laptop.

    The totally mm is a very lightweight bag. I love mine. It is the lightest bag I have ever owned from LV. However, I don't find it as large as the other bags you mentioned. It is slightly smaller than the neverfull mm. Still plenty roomy, though.