LV Sales Associates

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  1. Someone else mentioned in another thread that LV sales people are the rudest of any stores... I agree!

    I was recently in the San Francisco LV and I was checking out a tennis bag (big tennis fan here). A nice young woman my own age came to help me find the price-tag. An older woman with a German accent came and said, "The racquet does not come with it." NO KIDDING, it's a plastic fake racquet without strings!

    I'm like okay and so I pick up the bag to look in its different pockets and the woman repeated louder like I didn't speak English: "You won't get the racquet with the bag. The $2,500 does not include the racquet." Umm... seriously?

    I hate being patronized. I feel like its the worst in LV stores! I think it's because I'm really, really nice and considerate to sales associates... often it seems like when you treat them like **** they're quick to do your bidding and are kind of beaten into submission!

    Anyone else have similiar experiences in a LV store? I get great service at Chanel... maybe explains why I have more Chanel than LV. :sad2:
  2. I've never had that kind of experience, usually though I just get the good old ignore from the SAs, ugh. That's why online shopping is sometimes just so much better, don't have to deal with people who see you as wallets on legs, or are rude to you until you pull out the plastic !
  3. I'm sorry for this experience. That's funny because that is the normal customer service in Germany just at LV they are so nice!! Even if you don't buy they are very helpful. It's my favourite shop because of the service. At chanel and chloe they're are really snobby! Where I always think: Girl I'm here to spend your monthly salary on a bag and you tread me like a "bag lady"
  4. you know, the only store in Atlanta that treats me like that is COLE FREAKIN' HAAN. even when i walk in there with a bag worth 4 or 5 times any of their bags. i want to carry a sign that says the following:


    but i suppose i would look kinda silly with that sign.

    but c'mon, i mean really, cole haan? if the notoriously snobby gucci SAs are friendly and welcoming and tell me that my bag is fierce, at least they can do is look at me when i'm obviously wanting to try on a shoe. and it's not just that i'm young, they do the same thing to my mom and she's probably their target customer! and she looks it, too.

    i've never had a problem like that at LV here, they're always nice, and i'm always infallibly friendly with SAs because i work retail and i feel their pain. i feel your pain as well :sad:.
  5. Yes Intlset, I think that was me who said LV SAs are a pain in the ass! My mom is really picky (but so am I)...went into the LV flagship on fifth ave. And received some of the worst service I've ever had! And she was a manager or something also! She flat-out refused to show us additional bags saying that there weren't any left, when a women two people away just came out with the same bag! And her tone wasn't pretty either. I think it was because my mom had just got there from work and didn't look "money".

    So the next day, we went back, and got a different SA who was a lot nicer. And my mom ended up buying the L'epanoui pm...with the ***** looking on in surprise (probably because she didn't think my mom could afford it). I hate these people.

    Most of the time, I just walk into the stores like I own them, and I find that you get a lot more respect. But if you're nice, they walk all over you. It's sad that this occurs because it's a loss for both sides.

    Best service I've ever experienced though? Hermes. I am a fan.
  6. Yes, that's true: service in the Vuitton Shop in Munich and Vienna is really good.
    Concerning the Chanel shop in Maximilianstraße:they are super-snobby. I hate shopping there. Try to go to Vienna if you have the possibility. They are always treating me nicely.
  7. My experience so far was okay. They aren't pushy but approachable. They are helful too and nice. I've dealt with 2 different SAs and it was okay.
  8. LV SA's in Colorado think they are "all that" - well, they are not and our LV store is at the bottom rung of LV stores, hell, they are not even listed on LV's website. :P

    My husband was treated like poop there when he went to find a watch for me one year (he bought me Hermes instead); I was treated like poop there when I went for the Epi Koala wallet; now I have a Prada instead. And, there have been more negative experiences as well.

    They have no idea how much money they loose because of their poor attitudes. Last time I went in the two SA's were swapping back massages; it must be tough lifting Speedy's all day. :suspiciou
  9. I have never had an issue with the LV store here in Tampa, I guess maybe because it's Florida .... and we are notoriously low key here:amuse:
  10. I think it just depends on which store, and who the SA is. I had a bad experience at LV at Caesar's Forum in Vegas. My husband and I waited forever, and no one would help. He was going to buy me a bag. We ended up going to Saks. But the LV at the Wynn are so friendly! I hate that they don't treat everyone the same.
  11. I agree! I had great service at the South Coast Plaza LV....Val, my SA, was wonderful! :biggrin:
  12. I have had good and bad service at LV boutiques. The SA I normally talk to here in Orlando, Susan, is always very nice and is happy to show me different bags, even if I'm not planning on buying anything. There was a little old lady at the Saks LV boutique who was also very nice. When I ordered my agenda from the one in Palm Beach, the SA there, Jill, couldn't have been more helpful. I had 343207 questions about the shipping and ordering, and she answered every one and didn't get frustrated :shame:

    The bad experience I had at LV was at the Palm Beach Gardens store over the holidays. My dad and I went to look at the Speedy. First, we were ignored for about 10 minutes, and there were a few employees not helping anyone. When someone finally came up to us and pulled the bag out of the drawer, my dad joked, "So what makes this worth $500?" The SA scowled at him and wasn't too friendly from then on :lol: I just cracked up laughing. Typical man question!
  13. I have only had one girl at my boutique be that way to me, and I asked to see the manager, who recognized me immediately, and she motioned for another sa to come over and help me, that is now my favorite sa.

    When I asked to see the Speedy 40 and the pochette she showed them to me, took them out of the dustbag (I've had some just hand me the bag) and set them up on the counter for me, plus she just talked about nothing with me for about 20 minutes, then finally I said "OH, I'm not just wasting your time, I'm buying both of these." She just smiled and said "Oh that's ok, we're slow and I like saying hi to you."

    I always use her bc even though they don't get commission she said they do have to reach certain sales goals.
  14. I usually deal with the manager here and he is GREAT! He's really nice and super adorable. :love: The other SA's are ok, they've never been rude to me. If an SA is helping me and then the manager appears and says "Hi" to me then they start acting super nice, which is kind of annoying. The only people I've really had be rude to me are the Prada people on Bloor St in Toronto.
  15. I have shopped in LOTS of diiferent Lv stores, in almost every state we visit or country. The ONLY bad experience I have had was at Neiman Marcus in Ft. Lauderdale...(the louis counter) funny enough I was taking my Manhattan in to be repaired as the damn buckle fell apart in my hands while out at a Casino the night before and the guy was kind of put out...I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I had carried that damn bag on only 3 -4 different occassion! He took like 8 million hours filling out the repair paper work, so when that was FINALLY accomplished (with attitude full on the entire time) he then was willing to (now again SLOWLY) show me a Mitzi so I did not have to walk out with all my stuff in a paper bag. I also ofcourse wanted to look at 6 other things as well before I made a decision.. and he was still being a total well a prick! So, I made my choice then also bought my husband a wallet, and a new one for me, a dog collar, and was debating on buying 2 pieces of luggage but he was so mean I decided to wait and get it from the LV lady I love in NY....AS SOON as he saw that I was going to buy a few things he was nice as then I was like FU in my mind....I paid and got the hell out. HE sent me the NICEST thank you card in the mail it was scary! Other than that I have had only fun shopping with the SA's in the louis stores... and the ladies on the 888 number...seriously!!! WONDERFUL.