LV Sale?

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  1. Question- where is the best place to find LV bags on sale (if they ever go on sale)? I know this may be a silly question for you LV experts :p
  2. LV never goes on sale. You can try your luck at eBay, but that's risky.. remember to ask people here before you buy to make sure it's authentic!
  3. Wow, then how do so many people sell LV bags on eBay and make a profit? Or are those the fakes? Do people sell mostly 2nd hand?
  4. actually, my best friend bought a wallet from the LV boutique at NYC on sale and she said there were other accessories, mainly small leather goods that were on sale. it was after xmas i think, as for the bags i dont' think they ever go on sale.
  5. yep, my friend's sister bought a speedy on sale the LV store in Macy's at 34st (i think). But i was shocked to find out LV goes on sale...;)
  6. Where are you people getting your information? LV never goes on sale, not even after Christmas.
  7. Yes. They never go on sale. I have a friend as the LV employee, he told me only some quotes for employees annually for 30% off, and that's for discounted item and ugly color left...
  8. so does it or doesn't it?
  9. it doesn't. ever.
  10. LV doesn't go on sale like "30% off". LV prices do fluctuate a little bit based on the Euro. So far it has only been increasing although I have seen the prices for certain bags decrease (i.e Batignolles H and V went down to $710).

    Due to taxes and the exchange rate it is cheaper to buy LV in Europe (except the UK).

    As for making money from reselling LV's, the only way I can think of that would work is if you bought a bag 5 yrs ago kept it in good condition and then resold it today. (My first LV bag costed $395 it's now selling for $635 :yes:)
  11. It doesn't ever go on sale.

    I really have a hard time believeing that as my mom has been buying it for years, I've been in to it for quite a few years as well and I've never seen any merchandise just out in the boutique on sale. Ever.
  12. Never
  13. Never ever on sale. No authorized seller (LV boutique or high end department store) has them on sale.
  14. LV NEVER, absolutely DOES NOT go on sale- the only discounts given are those to LV employees on returned or imperfect merchandise at certain times during the year besides their usual discoount.
  15. Even in high end dept stores the LV counter is a separate entity. Like an independent contractor. They don't participate in the dept store sales etc. Online, the only place to purchase an LV is Eluxury which is (I think) owned by LV. In the years I've been collecting I've only seen these babies increase in $. Every year they seem to have at least a couple of mark ups.