LV @ Saks

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am a newbie in this LV Forum, started gaining interest in LV just a couple days ago :smile:

    Just curious whether Saks & NM carry any LVs at all ? If yes, could you please tell me where to look for a list of locations that have LV in the department stores please ????

    Thank you so much!!!
  2. Some do and some don't..I only know of a few here in California (Saks in South Coast Plaza, Neiman Marcus in Fashion Island, Neiman Marcus in Fashion Valley). Someone might know more..
  3. some do, some don't. best thing is to call them directly, or go to LV website for locations.
  4. i think if you go to and click on stores, it will say if its at saks or neimans. but im not for sure.
  5. if you could tell us your location i think we would be able to assist you better
  6. most of them do and if they don't there's probably one next to it or they are planning to put one inside soon but yeah check you'r closest NM or Saks and check their website for listings...
  7. My Sak does. I just called them today about the MC Priscilla and I might save 10% if I open my card. So is that a good deal? Actually I can save 10% on anything in the store even the purses. Damn right!
  8. As someone already said, some do and some don't. It's best to go to the web site and check it based on your location.
  9. That's weird..people have asked about this before and they've been told that it doesn't include LV items.

  10. Same thing here.. I would have opened the card and then cancelled it had they allowed me the discount. I guess there are probably a few Saks employees that don't follow procedure though.
  11. You are better off purchasing giftcards on for 20% off then using those giftcards to purchase your lv handbag. Also if you live in a another state of the store live say you went to ny saks to buy the lv bag they will ship it to your house tax free if you live in NJ or any other state besides NY. also they give free shipping. even SA's don't get 20% off NEW handbags and tax free to boot. Also remember to purchase your giftcards with a chase freedom visa for another 3% off. That's how my BF has been doing to purchase my bags or my friend that works at LV buys me the so called damaged ones at a big discount.
  12. I think most saks and neiman marcus carry Louis Vuitton
  13. It will say whether or not they carry Louis Vuitton at Saks or Neimans in the Vuitton website. I only buy my LVs my Neimans and Saks
  14. Hi pink! *waves!* Well, there's more LV @ Saks than Chanel for sure, my local (San Antonio, TX) Saks have both, not all Saks carry LV/Chanel though, but i would imagine most major city's Saks will at least have LV in it.