LV Saintonge Reveal

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  1. C369F621-5D8C-4D1B-A376-097A3BFCCDBD.jpeg BE7579EF-7B5A-477B-BB1E-338FD248A483.jpeg 7324A617-BCCB-4886-A98A-6F9421855722.jpeg Just received my beautiful Louis Vuitton Saintonge in the mail today. What a beautiful little bag.
    Although the strap is not adjustable, I found it to be the perfect length crossbody and on my shoulder.
    It holds my Mini Pochette, IPhone 6 Plus, small card case, sun glasses and key clay. I am 5’4 and here are
    some pictures. Oh, by the way it’s extremely light weight and the strap is comfortable. Highly recommend!
  2. Congrats, it looks nice on you! I have the same bag!
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  3. Thank you. Enjoy your little beauty!
  4. Looks so good on you!!. Wish I was 3inch taller so I could get this bag:biggrin:
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  5. It looks perfect on you! Great bag!
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  6. love it - congrats!
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  7. Congrats! Cute bag!!
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  8. Congratulations on your new beauty!! :heart:
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  9. Congratulations!! It looks so good on you! Mine comes tomorrow! Can’t wait. ❤️
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  10. What a great bag- it looks so nice on you! Enjoy.
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  11. Me too!!!!!
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  12. Love it !!!! Congrats and enjoy your new bag !!
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  13. Congrats. Beautiful bag
    I recently purchased as well. Didn’t get to see the bag in person and now I fear it will be too short for me as I am 5’ 8”.
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  14. I’m 5’67 and a bit worried as well. When will you get yours? I’m going to the store (5 h one way trip) this weekend to try it out. Can’t decide between this one and the YSL.
  15. Love it, congrats! :smile:
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