LV SAC Fremoir PM


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Feb 26, 2006
Hello ladies,
I know the limited editiion 2005 Vienna SAC Fremoir PM (the smallest size) is sold out, but I have a friend who is selling hers for USD$3000. She bought ifor USD$3375.00. It's only a few months old and in mint condition, but she's bored with it and wants the money to buy something else.

I like it cos it's classic, but its small-ish. And at $3000, I'm not sure I'm ready for it. Anyone with the LV Vienna range and has any help for me?

Here's a pic from Ebay.
It's a really pretty bag but wow .... a lot of $$$ for such a small bag! If you really love it then you should get it. However, there are a lot of really nice bags you could get with that kind of money that will hold a lot more.