LV Sac Chien 50 (Pet Carrier)

  1. Does anyone here have the LV Sac Chien 50 (pet carrier) if you do, tell me about it, give me your thoughts...
  2. my sister has the largest version. She loves it. The bag is really great, although I have caught her a few times using it wihout the dog haha! so she got a deauville for THOSE days haha.

    I recommend it, really do.
  3. I think it is a great bag.
  4. If you don't have pet than I wouldn't recommend it :p otherwise I think it would be a great piece to have, to bad my dog wouldn't fit in it :sad:
  5. OMG, to be honest, I love when people carry their dogs in cute bags... My family and friends hate it though, they say it's snobbish. I think it's cute...
  6. TO be honest, I don't like them much. I tried one out & was suprised at how sparse the interior is, there is no soft lining or plush bottom. The bag seems kind of uncomfortable & "cold" for an actual living animal. I prefer the softer interors of Juicy & Pet flys bags. * sigh* I wish LV would fix this problem, I would love to pamper my baby with LV :sad:
  7. Does the Sac Chien actually fit comfortably over the shoulder? The handles look small, thats why I'm hesitant about buying one. I want a carrier that is comfortable on my shoulder.
  8. ^^If they do, I don't think they'd be comfortable being rolled leather and all (#1 reason Looping owners ditch their bag- the damn strap digging into their shoulder :push:smile:
  9. Given the shape of the carrier and the size of the handles, there's no way it fits on the shoulder.

    I have one but my dog no longer fits into it. Honestly, I don't find it to be very useful at all as it seems to be mainly geared for air travel. It's too big to be carried around while you're running errands or something (those softer & smaller Juicy ones would work better). The LV carrier is more equivalent to a hard shelled crate rather than a stylish bag to carry your dog in, kwim? :idea:
  10. I had one but it was kinda pointless unless you take your dog lots of places. I finally ended up exchanging it for a Olav GM. I agree if you travel alot get it! Otherwise... buy a colar and get yourself something!
  11. I've got one for my Chihuahua. It doesn't fit over the shoulder. Really well-made but I normally line the base with a soft baby blanket anyway so it feels more comfortable for him. The 50 is really for the petit dogs. Here's a few pics:



  12. I just bought the Sac Chien 40 for my small maltese as well...just a question, is the Sac Chien you guys are talking about actually the 40, not 50?? because from what I have seen, there are 2 sizes. 40 and 50. 40 is for SMALL dogs, maybe no more than 10 lbs. and the 50 is quite large...

    and couturecreature, your doggie is sooooooooo cute!! precious!!! :heart::heart:
  13. Hmmm, I think i'd rather let my dog walk. I mean that is why they have legs. Unless I was gonna fly with it I just don't see the point.
  14. I was kind of wondering about a sac chien for my Pomeranian, and whether or not it was comfortable to carry since he seems to never want to walk anyway.