LV sa screwed up (again)

  1. I have this s.a. that is not very bright and I always happen to get her as my s.a. when I am at the L.V. boutique.

    Now, a few weeks ago she ordered the perfo belt in vachetta for me, and although I specifically told her I wanted the larger version (4 cm) she ordered the smaller version (3 cm) and it's not the right size (but that's another issue). It took L.V. Salzburg 4 weeks to get this belt, and now it's the wrong one. The deputy store manager apologised and said she personally will order the belt now to make sure there will be no further mistakes, but I am quite upset. What if the belt comes after the Feb. price increase??? I'd hate to pay more just because this one s.a. screwed up.

    Could I ask for a gift? The thing is, this b***** s.a. is even too half-baked to write the habitual thank you note... IF I have to pay more, I WILL tell her off, even if it's in front of her superior.
  2. I would bring that up, but I don't think they'll charge you the new price because it's an older order.
    Anyway yeah my SA brought out the Hollywood keychain (and had already charged my card!) when I went to pick up my Pomme Coeur..and I was thinking, that is NOT what I came in here for!!!

    Anyway I wouldn't ask for a gift, that'd be a sure way to guarantee that you never get one ;)
  3. To be on the safe side, I would ask if they could charge it now to avoid the price increase? :shrugs:
  4. I even have the order receipt with the current, soon-to-be-older price. Ok, so no gift... I said that because I'd like to see a real token of L.V. Salzburg's apology.
  5. my BF's been waiting for that belt too from late nov/early dec they are taking ssssoooo long to reach stores I am sorry they screwed this up for you but I'm sure it will work out ok for you
  6. ^ I know... I want this belt since November when I saw it in the LV Christmas catalogue...
  7. SAs who screw up = the story of my life :cursing:
  8. OOH..I'm sorry that happened to you!

    I don't understand how come LV makes so many mistakes. It seems like the SA's are not listening (or don't care) about our requests.
  9. Ask for a compensation, when they did a mistake wih one of my order I got the mutlico bookmark
  10. Really? Hmm I don't care for the bookmark, I prefer the brass LV pin (which that bad sa usually wears upside down).
  11. awww...i'm sorry this happened to you. but i totally agree with John and I think you should ask them to charge it now so that you avoid the price increase. It never hurts to ask. If it does come later, what would the price be? I'm sure they'll understand. i hope everything works out for you.
  12. Hmmm... depends on the price increase...maybe 10% more... I don't know. If it is 10% more, the belt will cost 479 USD instead of 434 USD.
  13. :roflmfao:
  14. I would do what Miroir Princess says, but I don't think they will compensate with a SA pin because that's for employees only.
  15. Maybe that's her problem. Perhaps turning it right-side-up would make her 'all better'!:lol: