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  1. Hi all,
    Im from OH and purchase all my handbags through NM to avoid sales tax--any little bit helps:shame: anyways we have a wonderful Chanel SA that helps with all my purchuses however the NM in Troy MI does not have a LV department--she used to order them from other NM for us and bring them in but she is no longer allowed to do what I was wondering is do any of you have a recommendation on a really good NM LV sales associate that I could use for all my future LV purchases?
    Any recs would be greatly appreciated :smile:
  2. my sa at nm is really lovely - she helped me obtain some hard to get items even when she didnt really know me! :smile: i'll send you her information by pm! :smile:
  3. :yahoo:Thank you!
  4. I PM'ed you some info on my SA at Saks Troy, MI ;)
  5. you're very welcome :smile: now the hard question is what to get before the price increase on thursday? ;)