LV sa ignored me for higher authority.

  1. a while back, i was shopping at lv, and the SA was talking to me and my mom about some wallet options (i got the vernis ludlow perle). suddenly, he diverted all of his attention away from us, and started talking to this other lady. we were by no means finished with our business. turns out, she was (i believe, but im not sure) the vice president of louis vuitton. i was taken aback, because i did not know she was the vp. after i figured it out later, i understood, an forgot all about it.
    now that i think of it though, it was very rude for the SA to ditch me to suck up to the vp. if i was a vp, i would think it was terrible that he just ditched the customer. i dont know why im thinking about this now, but do any of you agree with me, that this was kind of rude?
  2. Yes, I agree. At least she had to excuse herself and asked another sales associate to help you!
  3. If I work for a company, I know that customers come first.
  4. It was a little rude...but if I were in her position, I'd be a little nervous seeing the VP of Louis Vuitton there.
    The correct way would be to excuse herself, and then go talk to the VP instead of just turning away to talk to her.
    And yes, customers come first, and maybe the VP would've been happy to see your SA serving you two, but...meh! She didn't know better, perhaps.
  5. ^^^ Ita
  6. That was quite rude on his part, LVVP or not, she was serving you. The other day when I went in lv, my sa wasn't there and the two other girls I like were busy and had to tell this horrid old lady who works there that I was waiting and she groaned and sighed the entire time and even grabbed something out of my hands, I called my normal SA the next day to complain, it was not right!
  7. I agree it was kind of rude... He should have excused himself before abruptly turning away... even though she was the VP, I'm sure she'd have liked the customers to be served first.
  8. What's REALLY ridiculous is that the VP of LV would even tolerate a sales associate ditching you in order to suck up to her! Says a lot about her.......
  9. Dang.. yall need to move to Texas...we have the nicest SA's here!!:yes:
  10. Could I ask you who's your SA? Is the LV on Michigan Ave? Thanks
  11. I agree with Print*model ! :yes:
  12. Actually it's at the Oak Brook LV I have pmed you with his name.
  13. It was kind of rude but if you think about it, he was probably freaking out himself seeing her there.
  14. lade dah
  15. This does suck, IMO. I'm especially surprised the VP herself, let this happen, ya know...being the head of it you'd think she'd want CUSTOMERS to be the main priority. Yeah, it's kinda unsettling a bit, I agree w/ you.