LV SA Crossbody...Help!

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  1. Does anyone know the name of the crossbody that the sales associates at LV are currently wearing? I know that it's small and monogram and it has a thin black strap. I looked online but I can't find it. TIA!
  2. The crossbody bags worn by SA are only provided for the employees. Not offered for sale to the public.
  3. I remembered asking a SA 3 years ago about it and they directed me to something similar which is the eva bag. Now they were wearing a different bag from the one I have seen years ago. It was made specifically for Sa's. I wish they can sell it too to the clients
  4. The one similar to what SAs wear is called Pallas Clutch.
  5. There were a few on eBay. Very skeptical since they are only worn by the SA's.
  6. Seriously doubt the ones on EBay are authentic since the SA bags do not belong to the SA, if the quit the bag is returned
  7. That is exactly why I did not buy. . It has tags and everything. Crazy.
  8. +1. When I was in Paris in April I picked up a Pallas clutch for a friend (with the black trim) and the SA there told me that it is the same bag they are issued except the SAs models have a black strap and don't have the gold chain. She even did a comparison of her SA issued bag and the Palls Clutch I purchased.
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  9. The Pallas Clutch would be the closest one that match. I bought one in the Black trim as well.
  10. I asked an SA at the store if I could buy the bag she was wearing and she pulled out the Pallas. The only difference was the strap color.
  11. Thank you all for your replies! I did look at the Pallas clutch and I love it! I think that will be one of my next purchase. Do you know if it's possible to buy a black strap with gold hardware? I really like the look of the black strap better than the brown.
  12. Let us know what you end up buying. It would be great to see your purchase? What colour are you planning on getting? Black, cherry or poppy?
  13. Now The Sa are using the clutch pallas And it's available in store ( here in italy )
  14. It is the pallas clutch but smaller. My SA measured hers back then when she put the item on my wishlist.
  15. I will! I plan on getting Black although poppy is looking pretty tempting. I just wish the black came with a black strap!