LV Runway Shoes!

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  1. These are some radical looking shoes.Have any of you gals ever purchased or would you purchase these shoes if possible?

    I was shocked to see how nasty & unkept looking these young models feet looked.I guess when they're clomping down the runway at record speed they don't think people will take notice :throwup: .
  2. bigger pic

  3. These ladies puppies have been tortured to :push: from modelling shoes that were to small and too tight for their feet!:sweatdrop:
  4. I like the look of them.....but I wouldn't buy them...I have wide/fat feet so they probably wouldn't even fit!
  5. no offence to the models in the show...but they messed up a lot...
  6. Even looking at those shoes make my feet hurt. And what's with those heels?!
  7. Cute shoes but someone could benefit from a pedicure! :wtf:
  8. for me
  9. I am on the wait list for the white ones! I LOVE THEM!
  10. i can never walk on them
  11. lol...Crystal, you're probably the best model for these sandals!

  12. LOL We'll see! I can't wait to get them. At the Houston Galleria they are having the little showing of the new pieces at the end of this month so hopefully I will get to see them then!!
  13. It's a shame these fashion houses don't think enough of these models to hook them up with properly sized shoes.It's scary to think what their feet will look like when they get older,corns,bunions,hammertoes etc.
  14. Ouch!
  15. Not for me.