LV ruined in rain :(

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  1. I got caught in the rain and even though I wiped my bag dry once I was indoors, there are water stains on the handles. Is there any way of removing these?

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  2. All my lv bags have water spots. Not sure they can be removed
  3. some people might not agree, but back when I had a speedy I used the magic eraser and it worked for me. it will darken the handles a little bit but it will remove all the stains and water spots. be sure to moisturize the leather after cleaning.
  4. I strongly disagree with @kristinlorraine .
    The Magic Eraser is full of chemicals and it will affect the natural leather.
  5. A lot of people say that if you leave it they will disappear with time and patina. I’ve seen people try to get them out and make it much worse. If you do that, you could always have LV replace the leather bits.
  6. Give it at least a week from today to really know if those really are stains vs still being wet. I freaked the first time I saw my vachetta wet and quickly went to ask for advice from ladies in an LV FB group. Many of them have me reassurance by letting me know it takes a while for vachetta to dry and then one lovely lady also suggested I use a white eraser (normal pencil eraser) on any remaining discolorations. Both of these pieces of advices helped me alot! I hope they can help you too!
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  7. It's also quite abrasive like an extremely fine grit sandpaper and will grind away at the leather.
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  8. Heard patina champ method works-try that.
  9. Please, whatever you do don't use a Magic Eraser on leather. I learned this the hard way.
  10. how long ago? Is it still drying? It may take some time to fully dry and hopefully not be as noticeable.
  11. I got a water drop on mine. I waited maybe 2 years it never disappeared. I used a damp sock like material to wipe it all down to clean it and it really evened everything out. I wish I had done that earlier. It was a damp cloth not soaking wet. If I had squeezed the cloth nothing would have dropped out. I definitely wouldn’t use any chemicals or baby wipes.
  12. I was just going to suggest this. The PATINA CHAMP method is basically wiping the bag with a damp white sock and letting it dry. It can't hurt your bag and might even it out. I did this when I was caught in the rain with new vachetta last month. I just wiped the whole bag with a damp sock and I have no water spots.
  13. Here’s the Patina Champ Method:

  14. For something like water drop marks, please don’t use a magic eraser. You can do irreversible damage to the vachetta like cracking especially if it’s not properly moisturized.
  15. When I got water stains on my bag, I just left it alone and continued to use the bag. After normal use and time went by, the bag got patina and stains totally disappeared.
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