LV Rubber Soles are Coming Off my Vintage Flats...

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  1. I wondered if anyone could give me any advice re: this problem. I recently purchased a pair of beautiful vintage white multicolor LV ballet flats off of Ebay. They are so comfortable and stylish. I absolutely love them.

    The shoes are from around 2004, and the beatiful lavender soles are starting to come apart. They arrived in perfect condition, but as I've been wearing them, I've noticed that a few pieces on the sides of the sole have cracked and fallen off. The shoes are still wearable.

    I took them to a cobbler, and he said that the only way to fix them would be to put entirely new soles on the shoes, which would alter the appearance of the shoes. He even told me to "shop around" because perhaps another cobbler would be able to do something to reinforce the existing sole.

    My latest problem with the sole of the shoe just happened: On one of the shoes, the back part of the rubber sole has become slightly detached from the shoe, making them hard to wear.

    I think a cobbler could glue the loose sole back into place, right? I'm not yet ready to completely re-sole the shoes, so I just wanted to ask if a cobbler could glue the back part of the sole to the shoe?

    I figure that someone else may have gone through something like this, so I thought I'd ask for any advice.

    LV doesn't re-sole their shoes, do they? I bought the shoes off of Ebay---would LV refuse to service them because I didn't buy them in their store?

    Any advice is most welcome. Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm surprised this happened to your shoes, but I'm sure LV has repair service for their shoes. It could perhaps depend on when LV stopped selling this model though.
  3. Louis Vuitton's after-sales service for shoes is very good. They are usually able to repair them, but it all depends on the availability of replacement parts.
    Since your shoes are from 2004, Vuitton might be out of lavender-coloured soles. I think it is best if you take them to a Vuitton boutique that carries women's shoes and speak with the person in charge of repairs.