LV RTW in Australia or online

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  1. Does anyone know where LV Ready to Wear is sold in Australia or online?

    I reaaaaaaaaaaaally really want these shoes....


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  2. ^^LV RTW are only sold at selected boutiques. If you go to the website and search under stores, each boutique you choose will have a little symbol stating if it's carrying bags, sunnies, jewelry, and/or RTW. Here in the US, only flagship stores such as Rodeo Drive, 5th Ave., etc. carry RTW.
  3. ^^Ok. Checked the website and it looks like the LV Sydney Castlereagh is the only one carrying RTW in Australia.
  4. And practice your balance, you might need such skills on those heels when the sales assistant bring you the bill, they are definitely in the upper price range of SS09 collection... and very limited in release. You might have to fight off a couple of regular shoe clients to get your feet in a pair...Good luck, they are beautiful shoes
  5. Thanks LVKeepallfan you are a champ. :tup:

    and napa007 - that bad huh? Any idea of the potential damage? Anyone..?
  6. ^^You're welcome!! Let us know when you get it! :smile: