LV Rosewood Vernis vs. NV Damier?

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  1. I like both of this purses. Cannot decided which one i want. My budget is $1100.00
  2. OMG!!! What a hard choice...

    I have both bags and I love them almost equally.

    Do you tend to be more casual and carry a ton of crap? If so then the neverfull is better.

    The Rosewood is a beautiful bag and goes with everything from casual to dressy. It looks small but it does hold quite a bit for it's size.

    What other LV bags do you have?
  3. Rosewood vernis... hottttt!!!
  4. Rosewood vernis!
  5. Rosewood, the Neverfull is going to be around so you can get that later.
  6. Rosewood ~ such a darling little piece!
  7. Rosewood!!
  8. The Rosewood is such a beautiful and practical bag. Unless you want something super large like the Neverfull, I would go for the Rosewood.
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    So far I have the Popincourt, Mini looping, and Speedy 30 (all in the monogram canvas). I definately want to have somehting different than the regular momogram canvas but not sure what to get yet. So far those are my two favorite choices.
  10. id go for the rosewood....its more of a true handbag....I know im the oddball on this forum but honestly I do not care for the neverfull as a purse/ reminds me more of a beach tote...
  11. They're so different. If you want something that wil make you feel super special then go for the rosewood! I have it in amarante and its beautiful! But if you want something functional and will use a lot, get the NF. I'll be getting one when it is released in the uk =) GL
  12. I have both too. I use the Neverfull every day but the Rosewood is a great looking bag and actually does hold quite a bit.

    Good luck!
  13. I say go for the Rosewood! I love that bag. I tried it on and it is roomy.
  14. I say go with the rosewood!
  15. i have both and love them both, but in your case i'd go for the Rosewood since you already have mono bags. When i got my Damier NF i got it because i needed a large canvas bag (which i did not have already).