LV Robot and Rocket Charms

  1. I wish I had a scanner, but on pg. 126 of the February US edition of Elle it shows pics of LV charms in the shape of robots and a rocket. The description says: "Diamond, colored sapphire, gold, and lacquer charms, louis Vuitton, prices upon request, call 866-VUITTON."

    They are gorgeous! Odd, but very cute! The rocket is red with silver accents and silver stars, and the robots are silver with green or red and pink accents.
  2. They are $12,000 US dollars each... quite steep!!
  3. Lol..LV has some adorable charms but they're incredibly pricey. I love the one of the rarely see him though.
  4. They are so nice but so much money.
  5. I figured they would be pricey given they were made with actual gemstones, but $12K is a little more than I figured!
  6. Hah I know..just the little gold or silver (could be white gold though) pochette charm is $900. No stones or anything, either.
  7. can someone please show the pics? :drool:
  8. can u take a pic of it??
  9. I saw these in a magazine. Don't remember which one. Way to much money. Does anyone know what the rocketman and others are supposed to represent?
  10. OK, these are lousy pictures, but it is the best I can do:
  11. The rocket is so cute!
  12. Thanks for the mention of these charms! Thanks also for taking the pics. Those charms are cute! Much too pricy though... :sweatdrop:
  13. Thanks for the pics...oh cute but the price not that cute..
  14. they are so cute!!
  15. the robots reminds me of Lego men. i asked my SA if these are infact the the rumoured Pharell collaboration, but he said they aren't. they're very cute anyway... especially the rocket.