LV riviera, who owns one?

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  1. hi all,
    i think the riviera is sold as a cosmetic case?? But it is larger than most of the actual handbags, so i was wondering if anyone uses this as an everyday bag.. I really like it, but I have no need for such a large cosmetic case and i definitely would not want to be laughed at for carrying a make up case as a handbag. (sort of like when girls carry the coach cosmetic pouch as a teeny tiny handbag that hangs right under their armpits). of course i wouldnt hang the riviera on my shoulder, but just wanted to know your thoughts.. Btw, is the riviera still sold in stores and what is the retail? thanks!
  2. I'll bump you so that perhaps you can get an answer....
  3. anyone?
  4. ok then, is there a way to search in the reference pages for riviera photos? because i tried putting in riviera and it gave me 4 threads which had many pages and i dont think i can sit there going through all the pages. thanks~
  5. bump
  6. I use the monogram Deauville as an everyday bag, it is intended as a cosmetics bag as is the Riviera. I think they have the same setup inside, elastic loops, large pockets on either side? The washable lining is heavy but it is nice to stow wallet, phone, agenda etc in pockets. Now that I have my Deauville no excuse to buy the Riviera as well and I adore epi so!

    You can search threads too. The blue bar that has 'first unread' goes across and has 'thread tools' and 'search this thread' at the right hand side. I first search all of TPF and then search the really long threads to find what I am looking for.
  7. twinle tink has a red epi riviera. Maybe you could PM her you questions.
  8. thanks louis loves fendi~
  9. thanks for your input kathyy~