LV Rivet Handbag (Lambskin) - Where to purchase ?

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  1. Hi all fellow bag addicts,

    I have recently fallen in love with the LV Rivet handbag in lambskin, like what Mischa Barton is carrying.

    I was wondering if it is too past season ? Any comments ?

    Also, I was wondering whether if anyone knows which LV store in Singapore or Paris still sells it ? Oh and anyone knows the price of it ?

    The LV website only shows it in monogram =(

    Kindly help pleaseeeeeeee.....


  2. You'll need to call your local LV boutique and they should be able to locate one for you if it's still available....
  3. Good luck. Hope you find one. I too love this bag.
  4. I'm not sure if it's still available but Let-trade had one recently. :smile:
  5. If you're in the USA, try calling the 866Vuitton hotline, I've seen some Riveting bags in stores pretty recently.
  6. I think the last time I saw any of these bags was towards the end of last year, maybe in November?
  7. I saw one also at ANNSFABULOUSFINDS.COM.....its new and under off white..VERY PRETTY!!!!!