LV Review Journal: Show Us Your Purse


Mar 12, 2008
Every Friday I read the "Show Us Your Purse" section of my local paper. It's a fun article in which a woman (and sometimes a man) shows off their purse and five things inside of it. They answer simple questions about what kind of purse they have, how much it cost, describes the five accessories inside, and a simple statement about what their bag says about them. Simple and cute.

I have seen LV to Chanel and everything in-between. But today, they added a new question and it disgusted me! They asked the woman about fake purses, if she loved or hated them and she enthusiastically answered, "Love 'em! Because you can get something fantastic for cheap. What sucks is when you have a real one and people think it's a knockoff. I just can't see spending $300 on a purse." :cursing:

Sorry to vent! I just had to share this with people who would understand/share my frustration with this.
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May 22, 2006
That bugs me too!

I also do agree that it makes me very upset when you spend soooo much $$$ on a bag, and someone assumes its still fake anyways bc they can't understand why anyone that "stupid" would spend so much on a PURSE!


where's my bag?!
Apr 25, 2006
The woman's comment didn't seem one way or the other to me; seems like she straddled the fence on both sides. She is for fakes and at the same time for authentic and because of her choice it becomes a double-edged sword.

She was honest of what she was willing to spend on a bag. We all know the general readership are going to have a few eyes popping even at the $300 figure!

I was in TJ Maxx and this elderly woman was scoffing at some of the prices of the (heavily discounted) leather handbags "So much for a leather handbag!! This is absolutely ridiculous! I would never spend more than ($50) for a leather bag" I was trying not to bring attention to my designer bag after that comment -- but it did bring me back to the reality of the general public ... :shame:


Nov 18, 2007
Colorado Springs
Her answer kinda confuses me. First she said they are fantastic and then she say's she hates it when people thinks her real purses are fakes?

But really, It doesn't fustrate me. Everyone has their own opinions about real and fakes. If you want to buy a fake go right ahead...