LV returns

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  1. I did two exchanges at LV (all from my indecisiveness). The last time I exchanged it, I was told that it would be final sale, which is fine because I LOOOOVE the bag.

    So, does anyone know if that's the final sale on just that bag or on all bags that I purchase at LV from now on??? Does anyone know? I hate returning stuff but I feel better when I buy a bag and know that if I find something better, I can always return the one I bought before (given that I didn't use it at ALL, of course!).
  2. LV boutique inside Holt Renfrew in Toronto has a 14 days return/exchange policy. I think two weeks should be enough time for a person to make up their mind about the purchase. I am not sure about the Bloor St. store. I don't return my bags because most of the time when I go to a store to buy one I just bring my wallet and end up using the bag I buy right away!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. Yea, the stores in AZ also have the 14 day return policy and they said they would be happy to return/exchange if it's in perfect condition.
  4. You can exchange as many times as necessary as long as its before their 14 day period. I guess you could consider it a final sale if its 15 days after the date on your receipt!
  5. at holt renfrew it is 14 days to return the bag after that it is in store creit
  6. So if you bring a bag back after the 14 dys, you can still return it for store credit??? I didn't know that?? I wonder if all stores are like that?
  7. wow, i didn't know that either. I thought you had 14 days to return OR exchange it and after that you can't do either.
  8. At the LV store at Neiman's, the SA told me 14 days to return and after 14 days it's up to 30 days for a store credit which can be used anywhere at Neiman's.

  9. No, that is not true.

    I just called Holt Renfrew right now and the manager said that a bag/accessory can only be returned/exchanged within the 14 day limit on the receipt. Anything after the 14 day period cannot be exchanged.
  10. Ok that sounds more like it. That's what I thought it was..thx for the researching that for us!

  11. You're welcome!
  12. I had an issue similar to this a few years ago:shame: I returned different bags twice (but within a day time frame) as it wasn't right for my needs and the SA said that I could NOT return and exchange anymore bags for that year so now I ensure that I make the right choice:suspiciou
  13. I think its just per transaction, not for life. Fendi has a similar policy, even if the defect is their fault!
  14. The SA here said I could not do any more returns for that YEAR. So I called customer info line here and requested if this was LV policy and that I had not seen it written anywhere and she said that it was up to the store manager to decide if you are allowed to return/exchange items within the set terms.
  15. LV has a 14 day return/exchange policy.