LV returns

  1. Have you ever felt uncomfortable by an SA when doing a return? I was just wondering if this is common in the LV boutiques. One time I was doing a return (within the 14 days) and the SA kept asking me over and over again if I wanted to get something else instead. Seriously, it was like 6 or 7 times, I just kept saying can we just do the return please! ;)
  2. I haven't really return anything yet..but I am sure they would rather having buyer exchange it to something else than giving store credit.
  3. When I returned my MC Koala Bracelet I felt weird... but the SA was nice about everything. :smile:
  4. We return things to Target and Walmart all the time - we should just think of LV returns the same way!

    "This just didn't work for me when I got it home."
    "It didn't match with the outfit I had in mind for it."
    "This wallet was too big/small for what I have to use it for."

    When they push for another purchase, "No, there's nothing here that works for me today - can you call when the new items come in? :smile: "
  5. I feel bad myself when I I always apologize to the point they GET IT and is not upset about it.

    Do it with a manager if you want that might be easier....and oh don't feel intimated by their questions its like a procedure they have to ask you if you want to anything else. (or better next time just go in tell them you want to see something else because your not sure about your purchase and after you try on a couple bags - then say you know what? "I think I'll get a refund first... "
  6. I thought the boutiques only did exchanges.
  7. ^ In Australia you're allowed to exchange once only or request for a store credit which must be used within a year.;)

    I only did return once and the SA was really nice about it.Only asked me once if I'll like to exchange for something else or a store credit. It's your money...don't feel bad or uncomfortable about it.:yes:
  8. I never have. My mom and I returned my dad's Abssess because it was too small for the things he needed for work. That was also the same day I saw the Cerises pochette, so that was bought using the refund from the messenger.
    Otherwise, the only other thing was that I had to exchange my belt for a different size. But I've never felt uncomfortable doing so :smile:
  9. I bought my BF a wallet for Christmas a couple years ago.. he said he didnt want it so I returned it... didn't get any kind of hassle at all...
  10. I only did an exchange. I'd feel weird but still do it anyway if that happens.
  11. Ive done excahnges. I don't feel weird going in but I have encountered both SAs who make you feel weird/uncomfortable about it and those who tell you its no big deal and make your experience a breeze.
  12. no i dont feel weird.. SA's don't enjoy doing returns cuz it effects their sales goal as a store for the day.. i totally feel them on that. i hate doing returns myself, even if it's not our fault. lol. but it's the fact that it's a return and not buying anything else. oh well. dont feel too bad about it for the SA's or yourselves, it's not the end of the world either way.
  13. I've done 2 returns on lv's website, and they've never hassled me about getting another item.
  14. I have returned and exchanged many times and never felt uncomfortable. They do ask for a reason, and I always say the same thing - it did not meet my expectations (whatever that means!), and they ask no more :smile:
  15. i like that!