LV Returns Policy

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  1. I know, I know Louis Vuitton do not do refunds.
    But has anyone ever got a refund from them, and if so in what circumstances?
    Here, in the UK I was told by a fairy knowledgeable friend that it is against our statutory rights not to be given a refund for faulty goods within a minimum of 14 days.
    I was also told that LV may give refunds in exceptional circumstances.

    Anyone know any more?
  2. refund or exchange within 14 days of purchase, otherwise all you get is a store credit....which is good enough for me anyway, because if I don't like a certain bag, then most likely I'd just invest in another Louis! haha I don't stray away and let other brands influence me, LV all the way! lol
  3. LV boutiques in my area give refunds to unused items in sellable condition within 14 days of purchase. I've gotten a refund from them before (instead of an exchange) because the replacement I was looking for was not available in any of the boutiques so I ordered it the through 866# and received a refund for the other one.
  4. Ditto. Same in my store.
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