LV return policy

  1. I bought a perfo cles a couple weeks ago from SF LV. I just don't think it's practical for me...It's been sitting in my dresser and hasn't seen the light of day.

    I'm thinking about exchanging it for the wallet with the zipper.

    Does anyone know LV's return policy. The receipt says 14 days for exchanges or refunds. Do they not let you do anything after that? I bought it on 8/31 so I think I just missed the 2 week cutoff.
  2. If the item is new, they will exchange it. It's usually 30 days for exchanges on items that are new.
  3. Thanks Irene!
  4. You can go back to exchange it, but they most likely won't return it for ya. If you don't buy anything afterward, they give you a store credit....which is basically the same as an exchange in my opinion cuz you gotta use the same money you put down for the cles into something else....