LV Retro Bag

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  1. hey everyone! i love love love the lv retro bag that came out as a special edition when the murakami series came out. so my question is: does anyone know whether you can special order one? not the mc, i was thinking damier or vernis, not sure yet.
    plus, do you think people will believe it's a fake? does anyone have a s.o. bag? how do people react? just wondering.
  2. You can likely special order something in that shape, but the price is going to be more than the retail of the retros. I've never SO-ed an item, but I suppose that would be something that I would be afraid of - people's reactions to it. I saw a SO ribera in monogram rather than damier on eBay and it just didn't look good. It looked rather fake (and it wasn't!).
  3. true.
    hmmm...too bad, i really like that bag.
    thanks ayla!