LV Retiro PM or GM

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  1. Hi LV Fans! I have a question...I am 5'2 and I am thinking of getting the Retiro PM or GM this year, but I am not sure how big the PM size is....I have heard that it is actually pretty roomy for a PM(I carry alot of things), if anyone knows, please let me know how the Retiro PM is comparable to the sizes of the other LV bags. As of now I have the Berkely, Totally MM, Neverfull MM, Manhattan GM. Thank you for all of your advice!!
  2. I would suggest the PM size for you... it would be more of an everyday bag kind of size.
  3. I totally agree, the pm looks very proportionate on me and I'm 5"7 and it holds everything that I carry in my speedy. I tried the gm when I was purchasing the retiro and it was huge, similar to a luggage piece.

    I will try and post a pic of what I carry on a day to day basis in my retiro pm, then you can decide if it will be suitable for you:smile:
  4. This is what I carry in my retiro pm and they all fit, including iPad, and the image below is when it is closed, as you can see it closes comfortably,
    Hope this helps to make your decision.

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  5. You should get the PM. I feel like even the PM sometimes is too big
  6. Thank you soooooooo much!! I would love to see a pic!!! I appreciate that!!
  7. Thank you soooooooooooo very much!!!!!!!!
  8. Your welcome:smile:
  9. I carry the same size LV make up bag as yours, the zippy wallet...the only thing that is big that I carry is the LV Organzizer in the MM size.
  10. pm. would look best on you. I am 5'1 and tried the pm on and it looked nice. :smile:
  11. PM size
  12. I know everyone else has already commented, but I am 5'7" and I have the PM. The GM was huge and looked like it was more for luggage / business vs. everyday use. If I get a chance, I will try to post some modelling pics as well!

    BTW - I loooooooooove this bag!
  13. I tried on the pm and found it to be the perfect size. The only reason I did not get it was because I was concerned about all the vachetta and trying to keep it clean.
  14. Howdy, LOVE my REtiro PM bag. I have to say it is absolutely perfect, smaller than your other totes. Its really a timeless classy style and zips close, in case you turn a fast corner in your car. Also, I carry extra pair of flats, book, cosmetic bag, large zippy wallet and eyeglass case, and eva clutch problem whatsoever! Hope this helps.