LV Restoration?


Jan 13, 2006
Does anyone know of a LV restoration company? My friend has an old VERY used speedy in need of a facelift. Is there such a place? Thanks bunches.
doesn't l.v do it...but its really costly..I know a girlfriend of mine lost on of the peg leg thingy on the bottom of her damier bucket bag and it costed her 160..cdn
What does it need done to it? Take it to LV and they can give you an estimate. The handles aren't too expensive to replace if I recall correctly.
I agree as I am thinking of getting the handles replaced on my graffiti speedy and my SA said it would not be an issue and they just send it away and it will take a few months.
I definitely agree with all the above ladies that your friend should take the piece to LV to get fixed and NOWHERE else. Once someone else (another company) handles an authentic LV piece, it voids the warranty (or what-not) and LV won't fix the bag anymore if you (your friend) have any future problems with it.
Do you know if the Cabas Piano handles can be changed? I've given it to mum who is grumbling that the handles are so dark that I should take better care of my things, etc! hmpf!