Lv Replica Sellers

  1. Do LV Replica sellers go to jail?? or pay only fines...
  2. Some go to jail, but only the ones that own the factories, most only pay fines, and probably 90% get nothing, b/c they don't know who they are.
  3. How does the china government let there factories run.. I guess they are not that strict. I wish fakes never existed. lol
  4. I believe we all wish that fakes never existed... :sad:
  5. China has no laws on replicas... My bf works in distribution and the company he owns gets offers from China telling him to send some of the things he distributes and they will make the exact same thing for alot less $$$, so they will take anything and recreate it exactly like the original!
    I really hate fakes too, I have never bought on and never will!