LV Replacement/repairs

  1. I was just wondering, is it possible to have JUST the zipper pull replaced? I've noticed chipping on two of my bags' zipper pulls and they look fine but I think at one point it'll look too worn out and I'd want to get them replaced. If I bring them to LV, will they be able to replace the zipper pulls for me right away, or is that considered a repair and so they'd have to send the bag in? :confused1: Has anyone had their zipper pulls (or the whole zipper) replaced? And if so, how much did it cost?

    Also, what are some of the costs of the following replacement/repairs, does anyone know?
    - new mono pochette/Recital strap
    - new vachetta for CB pochette (I know this is either not impossible or quite expensive)
    - replacement of Damier leather handles only (not piping, that would be very expensive)
  2. Yes!!! I asked about 2 days ago and they said that it is $22.00 to replae the zipper pull.....:yes:
  3. That's a very good price!!!
    Do they do it right away? Or do you need to leave the bag with them for a few hours/days?
  4. i did it before and i think i left my cles for a day or so..

    but that was here in sydney, it might be faster down there karman..

    they actually could change the hanging chain *i dont know what's that exactly called* on the cles as well.

    HTH :heart:
  5. Does LV repair scuff on the canvas??
    if they do how much will it cost?
    Its just a little scuff mark but it's right in the middle of the bag.
    I did a search on on scuff here and found that
    a fellow pfer had her canvas buffed or something....?
  6. Are you talking about the tab only on the zipper pull? If so, I had one replaced and it took them 5 minutes and no charge to do it.
  7. I've got a couple zipper pulls that could probably use some replacing (one a graffiti and a CB piece).
    One of the ladies had all her vachetta replaced on a CB papillon.,...but oddly enough I've heard people say they won't replace leather on a cerises piece. Weird!
  8. Hi karman. the mono pochette accessories strap is $58 US. Hope that helps.
  9. They won't replace vachetta on a cerises piece? I hope that's not true. I bought a great speedy yesterday and I thought I might have new leather put on it down the road.
  10. i dont see a problem why wouldnt they replace the leather on cerises pieces when the leather clearly the same as normal mono though :confused1: :confused1:
  11. the $22, was that for the whole zipper or just the zipper pull? i'm confused...
  12. I'm not sure...I just remember someone on here mentioning she wanted handles replaced on a cerises speedy and they said no.
    I am going to inquire one day about it though.....I wouldn't mind having the handles and the handle tabs replaced on mine too.
  13. Please let me know what they say! Thanks!
  14. I think I may just call tomorrow and find out once and for all! I will definetly let everyone know.....Karman I'll ask for you too about the CB pieces :smile:
  15. I agree.