LV repairs? and the email I sent them

  1. Dear Ms. Lee,

    We would like to thank you for your visit on our web site and your
    interest in Louis Vuitton.

    Our products are made to the highest specifications and should, given
    sufficient care and attention, provide you with many years of pleasure.
    While we do not provide a 'Lifetime Guarantee' for our products, we have
    always offered complimentary repair or replacement based on the specific
    details of each situation in the very rare occasion where merchandise
    shows a manufacturing defect within two years of purchase (select
    specific issues may not be included in this time frame or covered under
    this guarantee). As each situation is addressed on a case-by-case
    basis, to best address inquiries regarding the quality of any Louis
    Vuitton product, please contact your nearest boutique where our staff
    would be delighted to assist you with an assessment of the item in

    Above is the email I got from them. Anyway what do you guys think? I actually have a loose thread on my black epi alma that's been bugging me. I just got it in September. Suppose they would repair it right?
  2. Yep! : )
  3. Bring it to LV. :yes: I think they should repair it for you since you got it for only 2 months.
  4. Yes, it would/should be a very straightforward process.
  5. thanks for the input:smile:
  6. Bring it in. :yes: