LV repairs and pics

  1. Okay, please bear with me that the pictures aren't going to be that great (since I was a little distracted giving out candy to trick-or-treaters, yesterday :sweatdrop: )...

    How did this begin? Well, when I first bought the LV petite bucket, I used it a LOT. During those hot summer days/nights I would take it everywhere with me. I didn't care about the deeper patina; it was pre-owned, anyway. However, I think what really killed it was that I spilled some water in the interior. I didn't think it would be that bad until I started to wipe it. Then it really started to peel! I guess the weather got the best of it as well. I was sad, but I tried not to let it bother me....

    Few months later, it just stood there...and I couldn't help but be annoyed. I already had another bag repaired, but it took forever to get it fixed...and I didn't want to deal with that again. However, I had no choice. So I shipped off the bag in early October.

    Now it's bag and it looks just as good as new! There is a big contrast between the new vachetta and old vachetta, but that's okay. I think I might have exaggerated when I said that the sides look different, although I could've sworn the sides were in a different stitch the last time I had her. Also (really crappy pic), there's no longer the LV stud on the date code, and I'm pretty sure that the interior pockets were slightly lower than they are now. I spent a half an hour trying to take a good picture of the new datecode and embossed heat stamp, but...I failed. But if you're curious, it now says made in France and is dated AR0056. I also took out the handles to give a better sense of what my bag looks like now.

    Now on to the pics! I got a free dustbag and a thank you note with my invoice (a detail I didn't expect!). I'm still a little camera shy :shame: ...maybe "modeling" pictures will happen another day ;) ....
    me001.jpg me003.jpg me004.jpg me005.jpg
  2. I'm glad everything worked out. But yes, I must agree that the contrast between the new and old vachetta is noticeable. :biggrin:
  3. That's sooooo cool! Congratulations! I can't wait to send one of my Spring Streets in to have her vachetta replaced. It will be very exciting! Soooo neat that you did it!
  4. ^Thanks for the comments, girls! And yes, Veronika, I totally recommend getting the vachetta replaced! After seeing charleston-mom's speedy, I kinda wish I had a complete makeover (since the contrast is really big)! But for now, it's okay.
  5. ^^^ You can always try to age the new vachetta a bit...
  6. Glad you got it back! Looks good! :smile:
  7. Addy - Baby wipes? "Tanning" near the window? What do you suggest? I'd like to know...

    mickloisme - Thanks!
  8. I think they just replace the entire inside, so you got the new style inside lining without the LV stud. It seems that most buckets just have to have the lining replaced every 8-10 years. When you bought it used, was it from a humid country like China? Anyway, glad to hear they did it so fast, I would just age the vachetta to get it to match better. ;)
  9. The bag's owner is from the States; the bag originally said "Made in U.S.A." I was hoping that they wouldn't ship the bag overseas for fear of taking longer, but I guess they did after all (oh well, it was still REALLY fast :smile: ).
  10. Wow - she looks pretty! I think for just that little strip at the top, you might be brave enough to try something that might darken the patina a bit - since it's such a tiny strip. I think saddle soap would be a gentle way to do it - just be sure not to get it on any of the rest of the bag or leather. It looks beautiful! I'm so glad you got it back.

    You could try what I'm doing to tan - which is cover the patina'ed sections and then take it to the tanning bed. Mine is almost caught up now - but I tanned it every day for 40 minutes each time and then have been putting it in the window (covering the darker parts).

    I'm so glad you got your bag back - It's just beautiful!!!!!!

    By the way - the patina on the leather on your bag is gorgeous.
  11. Congratulations on getting her back so fast! Yeah, if the uneven vachetta really bothers u later down the road, guess u could always bring her in for a makeover again...ohhh...I love makeovers especially when they're jobs well done & fast!
  12. Thanks, charleston-mom and phwish! Even though a brand new bag is nice, I really do love the patina...I like the history. You know, the more that I think about it, I might just let nature takes its course...if the contrast is still there after a couple months, I'll do the saddlesoap like said.
  13. Congrats...looking your bucket make over..
  14. bag looks great!
  15. I looks great! Congrats!