LV repair

  1. Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on tPF and I just recently started using this. Just a quick inquiry, I have a little gash on the bottom of my bag due to regular wear-and-tear... where do you suggest i take this to get fixed? Will LV do repairs if I take it to an LV counter or should I just go see a local cobbler?
  2. if you take it to LV they will probably send it out to have it repaired. i was told it could take 6-8 weeks. welcome to tpf!
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    Welcome to PF;

    Please take it to LV store so they can give you the estimate cost and time. Noooooooo don't ever take you LV items to non LV shop because LV will never fix any itm that has been fixed by others.
  4. welcome....
    i agree with bagsnbags, go to LV store.......
    and please never, ever take your LV bag to a cobbler/ fix it shop......
  5. yes you should bring it to the LV store for repair! :yes:
  6. does anyone know how much they charge usually?
  7. i think it depends on the damage or what needs repair. i was told that strap/leather replacement is about $150, but other than that, i have no clue.
  8. Ditto and welcome
  9. thanks girls... one more question... no receipt :/... will that be a big deal? i've never taken anything in for repairs
  10. that's a good question. i've never had to take mine in, but in the even i no longer have the receipt, it would be good to know if i need it... i don't know that you do, though. i heard from a lady that took hers in 20 years old or something. she can't possibly STILL have the receipt... :idea:
  11. I would think they would know what you bought right. If you were entered in their system. But I don't know this for sure. But when I bought my second LV purse, they had me in their records.
  12. if you buy an authentic bag on ebay and you don't have a receipt can you still take it in for repairs? i assume you could because you pay for repairs anyway? but what about the free cleaning? do you need a receipt/ or be in their records for that? thanx!
  13. As long as it is an authentic Louis Vuitton you can take it to any LV Boutique and they will send it in for repairs. You can always say it was a gift, but I don't think they will even ask. I've never been asked. It's a really quick way of find out if a bag you purchased on Ebay is real without asking or admitting you purchased it on Ebay. From what I understand, if the bag is not authentic, they will let you know it cannot be repaired because it is "not one of theirs."

    Be prepared to be along time without your bag though - my speedy has been in the shop waiting for new handles for 8 weeks and I miss it!
  14. thanx for tha info =)