LV Repair Service

  1. What sort of repair service does LV offer? I have heard that it's really expensive but then again I have also heard that it's free (which I don't believe). I have a monogram canvas compact zippé wallet and the other side of one of the card holders is a bit torn. I'm affraid to use it beacause I don't want it to tear even more. There is no LV boutique in my country so I would rather know before hand how it works before I go to a LV store next time. I hope someone knows something about their repaire service. I have also e-mailed LV but I would also like to have some other opinions.
  2. I've requested them to repair the strap of my pochette accessories in 4 years ago, they charge me about US$6(HK$40). But after I purchase another bag from them, they dun charge me at all. I've requested them to repair the strap in 2 month ago, but they said they stop the repair service of the strap of pochette accessories in HONG KONG.
  3. well that's because they now sell the pochette strap separately.. and make more money off of that instead.
  4. Man!! Can't get a break anywhere! :lol:
  5. For the amount of money you spend on their should be free!!!
  6. Amen sista!!
  7. I would really like to know too. My husband Is buying me and Onatah Gm and wants to know incase something happens to it.
  8. CAREFUL- I didnt buy the suede cuz the SA at LV said it wouldnt last!
  9. I think it depends on what you need done and if it is a design fault or your fault. I wanted to replace the handles of my graffiti Speedy and it would cost $300. Needless to say, I did not do it. I also had the trim of my Babylone reglazed and that cost $60. I think that is a design problem, but they still charged me. They do have a book with all repair costs. You could call ahead and ask how much it would be.
  10. OH. I will ask them when I go In. It's supposed to be there by Wednesday or Thursday. I don't plan on carrying it all the time.
  11. LV will repair something early on for free if it's a manufacturing defect, but after that you have to pay. Rightly so as I don't think they should pick up the tab for the wear and tear you put on their items. Anyway, it would have to be dropped off at the store, then they'd send it off, and they'd call when it came back in.
  12. I am curious as to what your SA will say. Not sure how the other SA knew it wouldn't last when it just came out not long ago. I hope s/he didn't mean structurally there was something wrong with it. I don't plan on carrying mine all the time either, or to rough it up. It's suede afterall.
  13. I will make sure I ask. My husband cringed when I told him it was going to be suede. I would think If it was structural and not just wear that maybe they should take care of the repair. I mean if they already know about it.
  14. But I dun want a new strap with a 10 years old pochette. :sad2:
  15. It's totally FREE. At least here in NYC, Soho LV. My friends bag just came back from repair today, no charge at all.