LV repair quote for vintage Trocadero

Beauty Marked

Dec 30, 2011
Sunny California!
Hi all, just wanted to hear your thoughts. I submitted these photos to LV customer support to get a quote about how much it would be to replace just the vachetta. I don’t have the strap so that’s not included in the quote.

I was quoted $720 altogether for replacement of the leather pieces. It’s higher than I thought so not sure if I will go through with it after all. Anyone have experience with this vintage bag getting repaired?
D62B1108-0D04-4722-AE66-6E333011DC0D.jpeg 8135CA41-FDA7-44B1-BA8D-B371A145DAE9.jpeg 029329D3-BA09-4A91-9E0F-FBA8D8741C7F.jpeg 7BE9DF6A-99FA-4897-83AA-A458E2096BA1.jpeg


Aug 15, 2009
I don’t know if you already had the bag fixed but that is way too much. I was quoted about that for full vachetta repair on a vintage petite Noe, which has way more vachetta. I would think that would be less than $500 including the strap. The side pieces are $60 each and the trim around the top of the Noe was also $60 to give you an idea of price of each piece.


Apr 2, 2017
That’s a lot of money for the repair. I just sent in my Speedy for new handles, piping and all new vachetta and it came to $540

Im assuming they included the piping and hardware in that quote?