LV repair question!

  1. I've got an authentic monogram pouchette that I've had for a long time. First LV purchase! It has it's everyday wear and tears, needs a new zipper. I'd love a new strap as well. How would I go about getting the bag repaired? I know it can be done but does anybody know anything about it like how long it'll take and how much it'll cost? Thanks a ton for your help!!
  2. Hmm... you can buy the vachetta strap seperately. I know that doesn't cost much... I wanna say around $75- $90? Idk. Don't quote me on it.

    It might take up to two months, but it all depends whether or not the factory they send it to has a lot of orders to fill. Just go to your nearest boutique, tell them that you would like to have the zipper repaired, and that you would like to buy a new strap for the Pochette.
  3. Great thank you so much! Big help :smile:
  4. Elux has the strap I think it was $58?