LV Repair Policy and I'm so upset

  1. Hello LV laides..I'm so upset that they cannot fix it.
    This is what Cousin gave me Vintage Speedy 35 it was originally used by my Aunt. It looks so new except gusset tab was ripped and sewn by my aunt.(what does she know lady who is over 80 yrs old) I guess she thought that was the best way to keep it together or something.
    I thought it is easy fix. I took it to local LV store last NOV. after 18 weeks later they are saying they are not able to fix it beacause there is outside work done. WTF :cursing:
    I contacted 1-866 Vuitton They are just saying sorry but nothing about my bag..I emailed couple times and same thing..and they dont even give me upper level management phone #

    I do understand if that is company policy they should told me when I drop my bag to the I dont waste my 18 weeks of time to wait and expect to be repaired.
    What should I do ladies??
  2. Sorry to hear this. It is Louis Vuitton's policy to not repair any bag that has been modified or tampered with. The store probably could not tell you this since all repair items are sent to the repair shop. That will be when they discover the alterations.
  3. :yes:
  4. Sorry to hear that.
    Its kinda like your car , if you do alteration to the car, the dealer might say that since you are messing with the original parts, you are not under warranty anymore.

    I would say just get a regular bag repair guy thats reputable.
  5. ^ :yes: a reputable bag repair person or a shoe cobbler who handles leather and hard fabrics well would be my suggestion.
  6. yeh a shoe cobbler should be able to fix it!!! xx
  7. darn sucks it took LV so long to tell you they are unable to fix. Seems like the bag has a had a very long life, what about getting a new one?
  8. if it was about guarantee it would be logic, but since you're paying for the service it's another thing
  9. Cut the threads and take the tab off and take it to a different LV store?
  10. Well can you just cut off the gusset tab that was ripped and sewn by your aunt?? Drastic but no outside repair involved... so they'd have to fix it!
  11. Unless you can remove the gusset yourself and make it seem like a wear-and-tear problem (WITHOUT any of the newer stitching your aunt did) there's nothing you can do. :sad: LV will not repair anything that has been repaired by someone else.

    Like the others suggested, you'll have to get it repaired with a cobbler.
  12. thats what i was thinking. Maybe have a friend bring it in too just incase they have u on record as having a "worked on" bag.
  13. so sorry :sad:
  14. ugg thats so annoying
  15. Just rip the part that she sewed off, and tell then it got caught and riped...they should do it then!! I would take it to a different LV and maybe get someone else to take it for you just in case under your name it says it has been in before!!