LV Repair Opinions...

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  1. Would love to hear your opinions on this...its from the bottom piping on my Palermo GM. Wear and tear or under LV's repair policy...

    Details - The bag is less than a year old and was only carried sporadically over the two/three months. The bag was stored in the dustbag until a couple of weeks ago when I removed it to sell it and this was discovered.

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  2. Eek! That looks like the piping just completely separated. I'd definitely have them take a look.
  3. Doesn't it?? That's what I was thinking.
  4. Take it to a store because it does not look like wear and looks like an obvious defect with the leather (like its cracked open or pulled out from the seam). Hopefully they will repair with out charging you :smile:

    Let us know how it works out! I am thinking of buying this bag within the next few months and plan to use it daily for work.
  5. +1 I agree. It's also on my Wish List! :tup:
  6. Yes that definitely looks like a defect. Please keep us updated
  7. you must take it to the store asap !
    looks like a defect
  8. What repair policy? It's totally up to them. LV does not have any written or other warranty on their goods. There is no one year warranty, or any other implied or express warranty. Hasn't been in many many years. It's just up to the discretion of the store or store manager whether they decide it's a defect and decide to help, or whether they charge you for a repair. I always hear about people mentioning a one year warranty and as a paralegal, I always suggest they ask for a copy of the warranty in writing - that stops everything in its tracks because they just don't have one - there is no such animal. It's too bad. Things changed a lot after the merger.
  9. That's disappointing, I'm planning to buy an LV, it's a high end designer bag and expect that the bag will be durable and will last long. Seeing this, makes me have a second thought. I don't want to spend thousands of dollar to end up a bag like this.😒👎
  10. The same thing happen to my aunts Palermo the first year she had it they paid for it.