LV repair...been a while

  1. I dropped my Damier Pochette Cosmetique off at 5th Ave LV to be repaired (one of the two tabs on each side of the zipper had to be replaced after the SA heat stamped it incorrectly (partially my fault)). The SA said she would write 2-4 weeks on the repair form but repair itself shouldn't take more than 2-3 weeks. Well, it's been exactly 4 weeks today and I haven't gotten a call that it's back yet! I called last weekend to see if they know when it will be done but the first girl I talked to never called me back. When I called again right before they closed, a different girl told me that the make-up case should come back within a week and they will call me as soon as it's in (does that mean it was sent to Paris to be repaired??? :p ). Again, no call yet! Are they always this bad with repair??? I only needed one tab long does that take?

    Should I call them tomorrow and see if it's back yet??? I absolutely love that make-up case and miss it!!!!!
  2. my repairs took about 6 weeks. it was a different nature than your bag but nonetheless, it takes awhile. they will call you but if you feel unsure, give them another call in a week. sometimes they are backlogged in repairs.
  3. The only repiar I;ve ever had to deal with was with my mom's paroli. That took about a month. Than they just replaced it with a new one. But believe me they do take their time.
  4. ^^^Yeah, sounds like it...Ok, I'll just wait then...

    Thank you for your responses!
  5. I will never ever take my bag to be repaired again. Rather than suffering 8 months without my bag. I will just buy another one to replace it.
  6. It took 8 months???? At LV?
  7. Some of us have had terrible repair experiences - I have had two! It always takes longer than they quote, sometimes much longer.
  8. oh, taking their time? that is a fine way to put it.

    call. again. and again. and again.
  9. Jeez. 8 months?
    Don't think I could deal with that.....
  10. Well, I think this is the first and LAST time I am dealing with LV repair. It's been exactly 6 weeks and I've been getting terrible service every time I called! SAs would tell me they'd call me back but never did! So, yesterday I decided to actually complain and had one SA call me back! :nuts: She basically said that it didn't come back from the repair yet but they did get a huge shipment this morning and it could be in it and blah, blah, blah. Basically, no one knows anything! Of course, she said they'd call me when they are about to send it to me. Maybe in another 2 weeks or maybe 2 months??? If I don't hear back from them by the middle of next week, I am calling again! I can't afford to buy LVs and not use them for months! Ridiculous, if you ask me...:cursing:
  11. ^^^ They stil didn't give it back??? I'd be mad too!
  12. yikes, but I do know some Saks tend to 'wait' for they receive enough repair items THEN send them all in at one time to the nearest LV to repair. Once it's in the repair shop, it should take no more than 2 weeks for you to receive it, unless they need to send it to Paris for some major repair.
  13. When I took my fushia baggy pm in to have the zipper fixed the begining of March they wrote 4-8 weeks on the slip- I hope it's back the begining of May. I'll keep you posted.
    Hope you get your bag back soon:yes:
  14. I hope you get it back soon!!! It's such a pain to buy a gorgeous bag and then send it for repair and not have it for weeks/months! :sad: