LV Rehab

  1. Does any of you ever feel like you would need some LV rehab? For some reason I am now at a point where I spend WAAAAY too much time on the internet looking at LV bags either on or at tPF... I think it even affects my studies somewhat because when I should de revising for an exam I just somehow end up here... :balloon:
  2. lol. me too. ihave no idea how i got good grades with this place in my way!
    its just so fun here!
    and its WAAAAAAY better than myspace!
  3. I def need a 12 step plan!
  4. ^^^ :roflmfao: Same here!!
  5. YUP!! i still go on myspace though..........
  6. I feel exactly the same. Good thing I'm a quick learner still. :s
  7. I can so relate. I am on eBay once in the morning and once in the evening going thru newly LV listings and then to let-trade, then elux, and I come here quite a few times a day just to look at everyones new purchases. Its how I get my LV fix without having to go to the boutique. I guess you can call me an LV stalker. :sweatdrop:
  8. ur not alone,i also spend alot of time here or
  9. Oh I sure can see it happening, but at the moment its giving me a lot of enjoyment and fun and not interferring with anything important so as long as thats the case, its ok, but certainly need to keep it in check or I'll be looking for that 12 step I'm sure :smile:
  10. bag rehab?? SIGN ME UP!!
  11. amen. i've only been a member since january and i'm pushing 500 posts soon. lol. i can't stay away, it's so fun here!
  12. Yes:yes: I admit it...I have a serious problem. Need to turn off computer and do something outside today that doesn't involve technology, or LV shopping! I can do it...I can!

    I will be carrying an LV tho. :graucho:
  13. I definately do! I obsess about what to get and where to get it and all the petty details when I'm not on here.
  14. Hehe of course not. I love it here. Though I might need rehab if I was buying a bag a day lol.
  15. I feel the same way. I spent over $2100 on LV in the last 2 weeks alone!