LV Red Epi or Vernis Framboise Zippy wallet

  1. durability or aesthetics? which one can give me both? 'have heard that the epi is prone to scuffing in the corners, while the vernis is prone to color transfer/fading....

    'want to buy a nice/durable wallet for myself this christmas!

    'appreciate if the tpf ladies who own either one of the wallets can provide some inputs/feedback that will help me decide!

  2. I´m a sucker for epi since it keeps up really well, it´s so durable. With vernis you have to be a little more careful.
  3. Epi would hold up better IMO. Vernis is my favorite line though.
  4. Nola/Kathyrose,

    Thanks for your suggestions! 'really appreciate it :smile:
  5. vernis is definantely my favorite line.. so i vote for the vernis! either one you buy will be good tho :graucho:
  6. Wow, big difference...I think epi is classy and understated, while the framboise vernis is more fun and flash...both are great, but very different ;)
  7. I vote for epi....I'm a fan of it.
  8. Vernis is gorgeous, but I'm so scared of color transfers!
  9. thanks ladies for your comments/inputs! 'still undecided which one to get...'have seen both IRL and i guess i'll just have to go back to the store and spend a couple of hours there deciding which one to get...:P :P