LV recommendations?


Bum Chum
Jan 27, 2006
Hey there,

I've got my wedding anniversary next month, and am looking at getting a LV (monogram canvas) bag. One for now, one for either birthday, mother's day, Xmas, or just for being me :smile: ! ha.

Bag #1.... Would love one shoulder bag - tossing up between the Luco, Babylone, Cabas Piano and Popincourt Haut. Will be toting around various personal stuff plus the odd spare nappy, toddler snack, toy, etc. I'm 5'10" but don't want a bag that is too big as I'll be tempted to fill it and really weigh it down. Any pro's/con's with these bags? Do you prefer one over the other?

Bag #2...... I love the style of the Trouville but am attracted to the Deauville as it is more of a beauty case. Does anyone have the Deauville and use it for a beauty case, but also for a bag for normal daily use? Will I look like I'm walking around carrying a beauty case?

Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Bag #1: Popincourt Haut won't be good for your stuff and baby' gets too full and hard to carry. Trust me...I have a 2 year old, LOL. The PH is only 10.6 x 9.

The Cabas Piano is not that I would go for a Cabas Mezzo instead of the Babylone/Luco.

Mezzo=19 x 13
Babylone = 16 x 12
Ooh.. since blackbutterfly has done an excellent job with Bag #1, I'll cover Bag #2 !

Bag #2, Selma Hayek carries it around for normal use, and she's quite a bit shorter than you ! It looks pretty big on her, but I mean, if you have the height, why not ? There are people that prefer the Speedy 35-40 to use as normal purses, and those are substantial bags ! Plus you'd never have to worry about sag with a Deauville. And it has all those useful pockets inside.

I'm more than just a touch envious of how you're in Europe and can pick it up for cheaper than here ! ;)
It isn't on your list, but my friend has a Musette Tango with the long strap. She wears it across the body, and can still keep hold of the kids! You can't fit *huge* amounts in, but she does get a few nappies/wipes in there ok.

Re the Deuville, they are LOVELY. I've carried the Trouville, as it's a bit smaller than the Deuville, and because of that, perfered it, but it's all a matter of taste, so I'd recommend trying to take a morning/afternoon to yourself, and got to your nearest store, and just carry lots of different bags, till you decide which you prefer. You'll have a wonderful time!

Good luck!

I have the Trouville in MC White, which is nice, since even in LA I don't see anyone carrying it. I HAVE seen women carrying the Deauville (LOTS of fakes out there), and my personal opinion is that it kind of looks like a cosmetics case/part of luggage... but that is just my opinion. I got the Trouville in MC White, since it does not look like a cosmetics case, to me. Haven't seen too many fakes of the Trouville out there too yet...
Just my opinion. : ) In the end, it is your decision, your taste, and that is what will make you truly happy with your new LV baby.
I have the Deauville and the trouville....I LOVEd my deauville. I carried to death! I saw a lady while shopping one day and I bet fell over myself when she walked by with it. I is a gorgeous bag and you can get so much stuff in it unreal! I used when I was working and it was perfect. I love the size of the trouville now. Another one I LOVE is my should look at that. Its GORGEOUS, not a s big as the Deauville but larger than the trouville!
I don't know about other bags but I have the Luco and I hated it. It's very heavy and bulky. I also used it to put my preschooler's stuff and I need a massage everytime I hauled it around. And the shape is just so...structured!
I like the Batignolles Horizontal.