LV Recital :)

  1. I have not seen what this bag can hold. I have seen a few modeling pics, and it looks like a really awesome small bag. I am looking for something to wear on my shoulder that is light for the nighttime that will just hold essentials: credit card, driver's license, lip gloss, maybe a small hairbrush, my phone, and keys. (maybe a camera? I don't know... I don't know how big it would be...)

    So does anyone have any pics of what this recital can hold? I searched through other threads and couldn't find anything. And any extra modeling pics would be great, too! Thanks!
  2. Aw man, no one?
  3. The recital was my first LV bag. So cute.
    It could hold my ludlow wallet, Keys, cellphone and my cigarettes. But it was hard.. I had to organize it everytime i took something out.

    i did end up selling it, because it was to small though.

    You Can fit more in a regular pochette, than the Recital bag.