lv receipts

  1. i was browsing through eBay, and came across some auctions which had pics of the "receipt/s" in it. and then i referred to the ones i have that i bought from the shop myself, and they don't seem to appear the same. it made me more skeptic and paranoid about the ones on eBay than i already am! really scary! i really wanted the bag, it looks authentic to me, but the receipt made me think twice about it, ok it kept me from bidding. so i was just wondering, is it all the same for all lv stores, or do they vary by country or region or something? i know the receipts are already being faked, i'd just want to know so that i can immediately back off from those that doesn't resemble mine. you can just answer by yup, they vary from country to country or state or no they are all uniform for all lv stores. thanks!
  2. all the bags i purchased were within the states- but I've gotten different receipts.
  3. thanks halona, that's enlightening. mine were bought in different countries, but the only variation were the spaces where they input the purchase info.
  4. i think it depends, i live in the uk the receipts from LV boutique is the usual long evelope length in yellow color along with the boutique's address on the top left corner.

    the item is typed along the central with the name of the item and price. the receipt also includes the client's name and address too.

    however i bought LV goods from harrods before and the receipts were normal receipt, looked exactly like your grocery shopping receipt.
  5. :yes:

    It definitely makes a difference whether the items are from the concessions inside other stores. For instance, in Holt Renfrew (the Canadian luxury department store), Louis Vuitton items all have a generic sku, and the SAs generally write the style numbers in afterwards - which makes the receipt look like a grocery store receipt instead of the printed ones from the actual boutiques !
  6. when I've purchased my LV from Saks it looks like a grocery store receipt as mentioned above.
    My receipts have the boutiques style look, but all look the same even though I've purchased at several different locations. ie - vegas, beverly Hills, South Coast plaza...
  7. All of the receipts I've gotten from boutiques that are not leased in a dept. store have the boutique style. My receipts from the leased dept. store boutiques have the "grocery" receipt look.

    The ones that I have seen that look different than mine are those that are international.
  8. I purchased LV from some countries and all look different even the papers are different, too.
  9. I have bought LVs from 5 different stores in Canada and they are all different.
  10. It can vary - paper type, thickness, and placement of item name model price etc...
  11. The ones I've gotten from mainland US stores have all been 1/2 A4 paper size folded in half, whereas all my Hawaiian purchases have included itemized summaries and customer info on full sheets folded into 1/8ths with a separate tiny CC receipt with just the purchase amount total place inside the same envelope.
  12. The items I purchased from customer service where they came from the warehouse rather than a boutique look different, a little bit like Eluxury's receipts, but it states Louis Vuitton. Also the receipts from items I have purchased from Hawaii look different than from the mainland states. Saks receipts are actually small thin longer SAKS receipts with LV on the receipts. There are some locations, the smaller ones that are still using their remaining yellowish tone receipts. Most of the time the receipts in most free-standing boutiques are off white and are meant to be folded as you see in many photos, with the LV on the front and then the address of the boutique on the backside. If you feel the bag looks good sent the auction over to the authentication thread on the forum and there are others that will give their experinced opinion to help you out! Good Luck!
  13. thanks, i did ask in the authentication thread but somehow my post didn't get a reply. but anyway, i don't feel bad about that since if im not 100% sure about something, especially on ebay, i just disregard it. for some lv models, i can somehow see the tell-tale signs if it's authentic, but with the neo cabby black, i can't. and there was this auction that had the receipt included, it wasn't like the grocery issued ones, but there were the fleurs (flower) and circles (lv patter) drawing at the bottom. so i wasn't so sure. most of my receipts are the yellowish tone ones, with the big lv watermark at the back.