LV receipt

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  1. Anyone here ever got a duplicate receipt from the boutique? How does it look like? I went to the boutique and requested a copy of my receipt for my blue joesphine that i bought back in 2004, the copy they gave me was printed on a regular paper, not LV logo receipt paper. Is that how it supposed to be? I need that becuz one of the potential buyer in ebay was requesting a copy of the receipt. And i can tell the SAs in LV were not happy with my request.
  2. I think they do that so they know it's a copy and not an original. If they printed them all on the LV paper, it would make it even easier for fakers to get ahold of receipts to put with their fakes. I know there are still ways to get around it but LV does their part to not facilitate these people.
  3. maybe they ran out of the beige LV paper? did you ask them that?... cuz I've had several original receipts printed on plain regular paper when my local LV boutique ran out of their special paper...
  4. Hum....I didn't ask cuz they all seemed not that happy with my request, and one SA did ask me what's the purpose of getting a duplicate. The SA didn't print it off at the register, she went to a room and print it from the computer I think.

    Now the potential buyer in ebay is questioning me why the receipt looks different.....
  5. Why didnt you just photo copy your original receipt?
  6. I don't have a habit of keeping the original receipt~~
    I guess I should start doing it now. :sad:

  7. Good idea! I keep the original receipts for anything that I purchase that's really expensive (LVs, jewelery, electronics, watches, furniture, etc.) because you also might need it for insurance purposes.

    I keep LV receipts in an LV box, and all other important receipts I keep in a folder in my file cabinet.

    One of these days I'm going to start a spreadsheet of my LV purchases!! (I did this for my Tiffany jewelery, but didn't think to keep receipts for Tiffany items when I first started collecting pieces from them.) Oh well!
  8. hmmm... well if she went to another room to print the copy I think it means that the SA just didn't want to "waste" their precious LV paper which might be low in stock. If you insist, the SA should be able to print one off the register for ya;)