LV RAOK, if you haven't recieved anything....

  1. If you haven't recieved anything please PM me. :heart:
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  4. I have only recieved a few PMs, I thought there were a lot of people with problems :confused1: ...please let me know asap
  5. Bump and I pm'd you :smile:
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  7. twinkle, you're taking over stefania's job now? ;)
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  9. Well, I wouldn't say taking over, but we can't seem to get a hold of, I am at least tring to sort out some of the we can have things end on a happy note for those who are not having such a good experience, kwim?
  10. Hmm, I didn't participate in this one, but I would be very upset if I sent out packages and didn't receive anything. Is there a solution to this or way it could be avoided in the future?