LV RAOK gift ideas

  1. I have been getting PM's from people unsure of what to get their buddies.
    Try reading their favorites questionnaire or search for other posts theyve made on TPF for ideas. Remember we are stressing creativity instead of trying to spend a lot of money. Just send something to brighten your buddy's day! So far I noticed someone sent their buddy a card with some hand-drawn extras. Isn't that great! Remember you can always PM me if you need to ask your buddy a question. Everyone has been really great about replying.

    If you are unsure, here are some things I know everyone would like:

    1. Gift Cards
    This is really one of the best gifts IMO. They are also easy and economical to mail! You can probably search to see if they have stores/locations in your buddy's city.
    Try chain restaurants, clothing stores, department stores, coffee shops, book stores, Target, Sephora, Sanrio, Staples, itunes, blockbuster, etc... The possibilities are endless. My sister sent me some movie tickets to a local movie theater chain she found online ontime.

    2. Mail/Online Order
    You can buy something for your buddy at your favorite online retailer and have it sent right to your buddy! eBay,, Sephora, Ulta, or has something for everyone.

    3. Candies
    Go to a candy store like fuzziwigs and buy a few ounces of several different types of sweets. Be sure to consider what might not hold up in mailing. Wrap your goodies with decorative extra's you can find at Target or Michael's to make it even more beautiful.

    4. Flowers
    You can call a flower store in your buddy's neighborhood and have them delivered! Try 1-800-Flowers

    5. Fragrant Lotions, Soaps, Candles
    These are so popular these days, and you know your buddy's favorite scents.

    Books, Cds, or Dvds are great gifts too. What about lovely stationery supplies or an elegant pen? A small decorative object for their desk?

    Please add your ideas to this thread, but be careful not to give anything specific away!
  2. thanks Stefania, I think ordering online is a great Idea, I know I myself and alot of members like this way of shopping and the items will get to the buddy faster
  3. Fun stationary, magazines, books, small cosmetics (lip gloss, etc), cute inexpensive coin purse or make up bag.....

    I will think of more ;)
  4. ohhh I want to do this but missed the cut off day!!
  5. If you're computer savy you could print out custom stationary. I think this would be great for anyone, male or female. Or treat them to dinner... send a gift card for a local place in a "dinner and drink" price range. $20 will cover most chain restaurants.
  6. stefania, I never noticed your counter before! Congrats!! Do you know if you're having a boy or girl yet?
  7. I'm thinking of doing a few of my favorite things--the kind of things that I would share with my girlfriends. favorite lip gloss, this really cool cleanser that was just on Oprah, my favorite can't live without kitchen gadget. Random stuff like that!!
  8. Like oprahs favorite things episode.
  9. Keychains with their favorite shapes, LV catalogs, favorite magazine with extras, flowers, random cards, stationary, Yankee Candles!
  10. Affordable LV stuff:
    Those Japanese magazine/catalogs with loads of LV pictures
    LV agenda note pages, adhesive notes

    Depending on the person:
    Chocolates, cute little bag, your favorite book, a certificate for a facial or something girly, something handmade
  11. No but I find out verrry soon. I think the counter is too nerve wracking bc it shows the days left and it is a bit too stressful at this point, considering all the stuff I have to do and get before the arrival. I'd rather just think about the weeks until I get to the end. We'll have a play date this fall though!
  12. Congrats stefania :yahoo:
  13. thanks!
  14. LV related-How about the Icons book? Or LV post it's?
  15. Awwww, nuts! :push:

    I wanted to do this so BAD but missed the deadline. :crybaby:

    Maybe next time. :love: