LV rant, so much hassle for a simple thing (ro)

  1. Two weeks ago, I went to a LV boutique to have my luggage tag heatstamped.

    A SA took my tag & said it would take an hour. No problem, I thought I'd just wander around the mall, then come back.

    I went back almost 2 hrs later. Another SA said the 1st SA was mistaken. They were in the middle of doing inventory, so my luggage tag would take 1 week.

    So I called a week later, it was still not done.

    Then I got busy and let another week go by when I finally called again today. This time, they said there was no record of my request, and they couldn't find the luggage tag.

    I guess I don't understand how they could mess up something so simple. Now I just have to drive to the store & try to straighten it out, which s*cks because the weather has been so bad here.
  2. Oh, man! I know it is so hard to control your temper in a situation like that. How frustrating that must be. Hope you get everything squared away. They should give you some kind of freebie vip gift for your trouble.:graucho:
  3. ITA:yes:
  4. Aawww...hope it works out!!!!!!! Good luck!!!!!
  5. I would've been really annoyed. I hope things get sorted out soon. Good luck! ;)
  6. I would be angry... When I was doing heaststamping SA said it will take 24h and when I came back I didnt say anything, he just knew and gave me it... And that store was very busy. Good Luck!!!!
  7. I'm really sorry that happened! I hope it gets sorted out soon, hopefully you won't even have to drive over. It's such a simple thing, it could be sorted out over the phone!

    Good luck!
  8. I am really sorry that happened to you. I would be pissed. Hopefully you will get it resolve.
  9. I dislike LV Sales Assoc more than I love LV . I bought a Cabas Piano at LV in Graden State in NJ. After a month one of my friends asked me if it was a fake? I was in tears I had spent over $1000 and she asked me it was fake althought she knew I would never wear fakes (I own other LV) The reason for mistake is the LV mongram do not align properly. We pay so much for proper alignment . I ran to the LV store and the SA said there is nothing wrong she saw my point but refused to accept and acknowledge it. I lost my temper and was practically thrown out of store. I called main LV they said each bag canvas is cut different but does not take away the authen of the bag. There is a small variation on alignment on every bag. I wanted an exchange. Now Iam stuck!!!!!!! Iam sad and unhappy Iam stuck rest of my life knowing its not perfect. Please tell me anyone any hopes any ideas?
  10. Arghh, I'm so sorry to hear that. I know what you mean. With so many fakes out there, you'd think LV would make sure EVERY bag is aligned perfectly. Maybe try to speak with a manager and stress the fact you are a loyal customer and are horrified that your bag was mistaken for a fake?
  11. didnt they give you a receipt of some sort for the luggage tag? At least thats proof you dropped it off and now they have to rectify it. Let us know what happens. Keep us posted.

    It almost sounds like it happened at South Coast Plaza, they could give a rats ass about stuff like this...most of the SA's their are brainless.
  12. I tried everything, noone would help. This is my 3rd LV from same store. They said I have used it so they cannot take it back. But anyway only comfort is I know its REAL. Iam defenetly going to save my reciept. This rises the question even if real stuff is sold on eBay or elsewhere there can be misunderstood for fakes. But Iam dissapointed LV treats their Elite customers this way
  13. I really hate it when you pay so much and get such bad service!
  14. When you go in to deal with the luggage tag, call and find out when the store manager is going to be in and deal with them. They may still be an a**, but at least they have the authority to make it better.
  15. What a pain, so sure to speak to a manager when you go to the store.